This model shows the results of Jaxon's 3D Induced Polarization geophysical survey over the Max Prospect. The green to yellow zones are areas of high chargeability in which the electrical properties of the material in these areas are such that a current introduced from the surface is able to "charge up" this material. Geologists interpret this attribute as being potentially indicative of sulphide mineralization. The blue areas represent areas of low electrical resistivity and similarly may represent areas of sulphide mineralization.

Jaxon has planned a diamond drilling program to test these prospective geophysical anomalies. The yellow lines are Jaxon's proposed drill holes. The white lines are the traces of historical drilling. As can be seen, almost all of these old drill holes failed to test the prospective geophysical anomalies. A few holes passed close to these anomalies and where they did so, encountered mineralization.