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Jaxon Mining Inc.

Rich in large-scale geological targets/assets, Jaxon has seven porphyry system targets on its 100% controlled Hazelton property, an interconnected network of concessions spanning 700 km2 in the Skeena Arch in northwest British Columbia, Canada. The Skeena Arch is an exceptionally orogenic and metallogenic setting, geochronologically suitable to host preserved porphyries.

Jaxon pursues the discoveries of deeper, under cover, commercial scale and grade Cu, Au, Ag, polymetallic porphyry epithermal systems associated with distal mineralized, propylitically altered zones nearer to surface. Jaxon's team is made up of experienced model-driven explorationists. Geochemical, geophysical and structural data is collected and integrated to generate 3D models to assist in the visualization and projection of the location of targeted porphyry systems.

Netalzul Mt is Jaxon's most advanced target, the priority of seven identified porphyry epithermal system targets at Hazelton. Red Springs is the second target being prepared for drill testing. The five other targets are in various advancing stages of exploration.

Operating as a prospect generator, Jaxon is seeking industry partners to advance the Hazelton projects more rapidly. The Company welcomes qualified partners to participate in drill testing the structurally controlled targets at Netalzul Mt, the porphyry targets at Red Springs and advancing the Blunt Mt and Max targets.

Jaxon is committed to socially and environmentally responsible exploration and development.

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Netalzul Mountain Project

Netalzul Mt involves an extensive, high-grade Ag-Cu-Au-Zn-Pb structurally fault-controlled, multi-sulfide quartz vein epithermal mineralized system, driven by a deeper and larger Huckleberry-type Cu/Mo porphyry system. The system is ~60 million years old. The project area is cut by visible fault structures marked by outcrops and historical artisanal workings. Assays of samples from channel, float rock and in-soil sampling contain high-value, high-grade Au, Cu, Ag, Zn, Pb mineralization. Sampled locations are coincident with strong geochemical and geophysical anomalies. Jaxon has developed a conceptual integrated geological model for the Netalzul Mt project, utilizing it to design drill tests for the previously sampled and mapped areas along the structural interfaces. Project data will be reprocessed and remodeled over the 2021-2022 winter season. A definitive drill test to demonstrate the grades and scope of the system at depth will be executed the summer of 2022.

Red Springs Project

Red Springs involves an extensive and anomalously large high-grade copper and cobalt rock and in-soils geochemical halo; and an extensive and anomalously high-grade gold-cobalt tourmaline breccia mineralization occurence that outcrops on surface over a large area. Jaxon's 3D conceptual geological model indicates that these near surface anomalies are distal to a system of deeper copper/gold/moly porphyries that underlie Red Springs. The Company is utilizing its models to design the drill tests using as vector inputs the comparative information from other porphyry systems and by tracing the paths of the breccia pipes generated by the deeper Red Springs porphyry system. Drill testing of the porphyry system at Red Springs is planned for late 2022 or in 2023 following the Netalzul Mt drill program.