Red Springs

2020 Phase One Field Work at Northwest Cirque

News Release - August 4, 2020

2019 Petrographic Study

Petrographic Study

News release dated December 17, 2019

2018 - Detailed View of Minerals in the Core Samples

2018 - Core Samples from Drill Holes One and Three

2018 - Core Samples from Red Springs

2018 Fall Drilling Program

Red Springs, August 2018

Red Spring Backbone Prospect Map
Red Spring Simcoe IP Lines Map 2018
Sample taken from North-West Cirque
Project Manager Bruce Ballantyne (left), with Bob Lamond, Humboldt Capital (right)
Backbone tourmaline breccia outcrop with ground mag survey
Channel Sampling bags along trace width of tourmaline body
Channels with Hilton Hammer through sulphides and black tourmaline breccia exposure
50 Channel sample bags from Backbone Prospect
Backbone tourmaline breccia exposure along top of Main Cirque Ridge
Backbone Prospect Mineralization Zone
Sampling along Backbone Prospect

Photos of Red Springs, July 2018

Bleached-white alteration zone in background. Rusty zone in foreground with black tourmaline breecia and sulphides.
Red Spring showing rusty, leached sulphides and cirque tarn lakes.
Red Springs again with oxidized, intensely leached sulphide zone at surface
Prime Ridge copper porphyry target Right top white bleach potassium alteration zone grades into chalcopyrite dissemination’s in the brown rusty steep slope in center and ridge
Black tourmaline breccia altered contact host rock with bleaching. Closeup of high-grade area with black tourmaline clots. Vapour-volatile-bleaching adjacent to tourmaline breccia body.
Black Tourmaline under rock hammer grades into intense volatile - vapour bleaching of host rocks vertical trends near a margin of vein or pipe
Classic black tourmaline needles filling open spaces volatiles and boron gas.
Very well-fractured wall rock transitioning to breccia with sub-angular bleached clasts and black tourmaline veinlet cement.
See white-bleached alteration zone again in upper right, this time adjacent to copper porphyry exposure on steep slope.
Typical white bleached shards and sub angular clasts on the vertical margins of a breccia pipe -black Tourmaline cement and veinlets
Black Tourmaline rich vein with sulphides
Crackle texture vuggy dravite cement tourmaline matrix. Sulphide-bearing tourmaline breccia.
Decompression shock texture apparent in orbicular vapour alteration front. Spear-head decompression shock texture containing black, boron-rich tourmaline core and vapour-bleached wall rocks along fracture.
Blocks of quartz with sulphides and black tourmaline breccia littered on the scree slope.
Rock showing a mix of quartz, sulphides, and black tourmaline breccia Sulphide tourmaline veins and breccia hosted in diorite intrusion.
Mapping mineralised outcrop at the Razorback Porphyry Copper Prospect
Tourmaline Breccia outcrop on the Main Cirque arête between Main and North Cirques
View from the west end of the Red Spring porphyry copper prospect with Red Spring Cirque and the quartz-sericite-pyrite alteration on the right of the photograph.
North end of the Prime Ridge Porphyry copper Prospect looking towards Razorback and showing the large areas of potassic alteration.
Sub-crop of highly ferruginous limonitic hydrothermal breccia at Red Spring Porphyry Copper prospect. The breccia is largely covered by talus and appears to be approximately 50m in diameter.
View from the ridge on the Razorback Porphyry Copper Prospect looking towards the Prime Ridge Porphyry Copper Prospect and potassic alteration zone.
Geological Team sampling mineralised tourmaline breccia lode emplaced along a thrust plane, Main Cirque.
Detail of highly sulphidic tourmaline breccia emplaced along a thrust plain in Main Cirque. The chemical association here is Au-Te-As-Bi-Sb
Strongly mineralised sediments at Red Spring Porphyry Copper Prospect indicated by obvious ferruginisation on fracture planes.
Catastrophic, milled, intrusive clast with black matrix cement tourmaline breccia. Catastrophic crackle tourmaline breccia texture.

Property, Revised Claims Map, April 2018

Hazelton Project Claim Map showing new claims (shaded area) April 2018

Red Springs Discovery, September 2017

Example of tourmaline breccia, west side of CRT Discovery
Example of breccia, west side of CRT Discovert
Relatively narrow breccia, northern end of CRT, trends to upper left
Highly sulphidic breccia detail, northern CRT Discovery
View of juxtaposition of shallow dipping breccia zone, with larger vertical breccia visible in and west walls of CRT (east wall to the left, pic taken looking south)
View of RS discovery area, looking WSW. Ferruginous alteration on a large scale
Limonite coating of stream gravels from proximal highly sulphidic quartz-pyrite rock, RS Discovery
Large block of breccia, RS Discovery zone
Magnetite alteration is sediments, filling fractures RS Zone
Magnetite alteration in sediments as 0.6cm clots in quartzite