Project Overview

Hazelton (formally Price Creek), Jaxon’s flagship project, spans 39,426 ha and is prospective for Eskay Creek and Equity Silver style mineralization. Widespread soil anomalies and surface showings up to 3,397 g/t Ag, 12.7 g/t Au, and 22.29% Zn have been found on this advanced exploration project and a number of features suggest that the property has considerable potential. These include the age of the host rocks, the stratiform nature of some of the sulphide zones, the high silver values and the presence of 19 massive-sulfide bearing-bearing outcrops, just west of an extensive 3,000 m x 700 m soil grid. Hazelton is located 40 km north of Smithers, a mining-friendly town in north central British Columbia, and is nearly drill ready as well as easily accessible by road.


Targets are shallow-marine VMS with an epithermal component of precious and base metals prospective for bonanza grade material. VMS deposits are associated with and created by volcanic-associated hydrothermal events in submarine environments. In modern oceans they are synonymous with sulfurous plumes called black smokers.

The company believes that geologists exploring the Hazelton project during the 1980s, before the Eskay Creek VMS model was recognized, targeted veins at shallow depths as opposed to the potentially economic stratiform mineralization likely lying beneath. VMS deposits typically occur in clusters, therefore if the company discovers one it is possible that others may be nearby.